2010 Washington County Fair

Much the same type of events and of course, 4-H

Some 2010 pics

The 2010 fair pictures are unprotected so you can download a free copy for your self. Compliments of Reimer Photo. All I ask in return is for you to donate to Washington County 4-H to help keep the program running.

Also, any prints, products ordered online 70% of the profits will go to 4H

2009 Washington County Fair

Roaming photographer Karl Reimer

Some of my Favorites

The slide show auto crops the images so to see better full frame images click the link below

Fair Pictures

Link to pictures taken on Wednesday

Link to pictures taken on Saturday

Do you want a full resolution image, "4368 x 2912 pixels", e-mailed to you? Please go to this link to donate $10 or more dollars then let me know what image you want and I will e-mail it to you. E-mail image requests to: karl@reimerphoto.com In addition for your support, I will replace the KAR_xxxx image online with the full rez IMG_xxxx so you can order prints, "for example, 8x10 for $4", gift items, posters, canvas etc. at a greatly reduced rate. Want something different, how about a Wall Hog poster that sticks to your wall, car, truck, trailer etc. Click here to learn more.

Link to the official Washington County Fair Web Site

More About 4H

To learn more about the fund raising initiative click; http://www.save4-h.com

To learn more about 4H in Washington County click here

Washington County Extension Home Page

Here is a link to a song written just for a County Fair

This was written by a gal many of us know for her County Fair of Chisago.
What a great way of remembrance for the many memories of life at the fair

Just me with my two therapy dogs Daisy and Mindy enjoying the fair and supporting 4H

Photo compliments of Judy Spooner, Woodbury Bulletin