For an appointment call 651-344-4966. For a small $40 sitting fee I'll take multible pictures and upload them to a special ordering site where anything from 4x6 to poster sized prints can be ordered. Gift items, shirts, canvas, wall boards, etc. Click here for more info and pricing. I am a Photoshop pro so touch ups, specail effects, backgrounds, image overlays are a snap.

*** Neighbor Special***, sitting fee is waived for onsight photo shoots in Hugo, MN

Unlike many studios we welcome pets, after all, they are part of the family. We offer many special effects, digital backgrounds, scenery backgrounds and digital props. See below for more details

Digitally Generated & Photo Backgrounds
The picture on the steps is the original. The back drops are digitally generated in Photoshop. The country scenes are digital pictures taken here in Minnesota. The Mars scape and ocean pictures were scanned from 4x6 prints from an vacation years ago. From a studio picture we can easily paste your image into any scene or background.

Example of a Digital Prop

So, by now you can see that the sky is the limit. At Reimer Photo we have been growing our library of background images and props to give you a multitude of effects. Sepia, B&W, special effects, all possible using layers in Photoshop. Of course, you are not limited by my library, I can take any image you have, "with in reason and not copy writed", take your picture and place it into that image.

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